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The Devil's Dilemma

Extremely helpful and enlightening

"I really enjoyed the parent’s perspective. Most books/ articles try to focus only on the faults of the parents, not on the responsibility of the child. This book really brings that back into perspective and for the first time I felt the load of guilt and self-recriminations lift and I felt I could find a way forward to a life for me. Highly recommend to all abandoned parents. For the first time I have stopped feeling ashamed, apologizing for my 'bad parenting' and for every mistake I have ever made during my children's lifetimes. Yes, I could have done it better, I see that now, but I did the best I could.  In the end I still fell from grace. But I am very grateful for this book. The last years of my life will be focused on my needs. Thank you."  - Ellie May

Abandoned Parents: The Devil's Dilemma by Sharon Wildey
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