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A note from Sharon

"Some years ago, I desperately needed to understand what happened to my family and to the children whom I loved and cared for all of my life. Like most parents, I thought I had done the best I could do with what I had to to do it with. 

I began to search for help, and over a period of years, I learned the stories of other parents and began to see commonalities. Finally, a picture emerged out of all the chaos I was feeling. 

My books are about that chaos. As a lawyer and ordained pastor, I have used my education, experience and training to gather facts, formulate some hypotheses and draw some educated conclusions. My books are steps towards understanding -- for myself and for other parents who have been abandoned by their adult children."

"There is hope. Perhaps not the kind of hope we wish for, but the kind that allows us to live with meaningfulness, the kind of hope that helps us get out of bed every day and try again." 

"Most importantly, we know we are not alone."

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