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Words of Grief and Loss in Poetic Style

A note from Sharon

"The narratives that are contained in this book are those that reflect common experience. I included them because of that. The poetry is that which I wrote when feeling overwhelmed and devastated. 

Please do not read this book if you are feeling very raw about your estrangement. I do not want anyone to have their feeling exacerbated by reading something that might provoke further discontent.

This book has been validly criticized as written without any reference to HOPE. This is true. In my feeble attempt at authenticity, hope is not in play in this book. This book is about pain, loss and unresolvable grief. It is emotional and sad. It tracks the experience of the abandoned parent.

It is my hope, though, that in sharing my pain you will know you are not alone."

Abandoned Parents: Words of Grief and Loss in Poetic Style by Sharon Wildey
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